Luxury meets Environmental Awareness at DUKES London


At DUKES London, we are conscious of our responsibility to the environment, our employees and the local community. We have considered every aspect of operations to ensure that we are embracing sustainable tourism, whilst continuing to provide the highest levels of service.

Examples of our environmentally friendly initiatives include:

  • A comprehensive recycling scheme through which, we recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, some plastics, cooking oil, light bulbs and batteries
  • We only use water bottles made of glass throughout the hotel, which then, are being re-cycled
  • A no bleach policy; which means that no bleach is used anywhere in the hotel to prevent harsh chemicals from being released into the water system. It also protects our employee’s health and skin
  • An automated laundry chemical dispensing system is in operation, to minimise and control the use chemicals
  • We stopped using our own linens and instead, we switched to rental laundries, which help reduce water and energy consumption
  • We removed disposable plastic throughout the hotel and which also means, we don’t use plastic straws anymore
  • We replaced all our boilers in the building to more energy efficient ones
  • We have biodegradable cleaning products
  • Travel size toiletries in guest rooms and suites were removed last year and instead, they have been replaced with dispenser bottles
  • We offer a program to guests to have their bed sheets and towelling items washed - only as required
  • A responsible sourcing policy in our kitchens provides for the sourcing of local, seasonal food wherever possible, with an emphasis on Fairtrade and organic produce
  • While we still provide hard copy Newspapers andMagazines to our guests (on request only), last year, to reduce waste we switched to digital Newspapers andMagazines, which is accessible through an application our in-house guests can download on their mobile phone
  • We terminated production of all our brochure, factsheet and all Sales andMarketing collaterals, and instead, we are sending soft copy documents via by email