The Ultimate Guide to Visiting St James’s Park in London

Picture postcard perfect, St James's Park London has the wow factor, and shouldn't be missed during your trip to the big city!

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting St James’s Park in London
Photo by alexandru vicol / Unsplash

Is a stay in London complete without a trip to St James’s Park?

In this blog, we’ll share the sights you can expect to find there and let you decide …

Key Information | St James’s Park London

Opening times: 5am - 12am

Postcode: SW1A 2BJ

Walking distance from DUKES London: 7 minutes to the Marlborough Gate entrance

Food and drink facilities: two cafes, and four refreshment kiosks at the most popular spots (Marlborough Gate, Horse Shoe Bend, Artillery Memorial and the playground)

Duck Island | St James’s Park London

Harking back to 1665, Duck Island is located on the east end of St James’s Park Lake.

It’s a nature reserve for the birds who call the park their home, offering them a sanctuary and breeding ground. There are an estimated 17 different species of birds that breed in the park!

The island can easily be spotted by the picturesque cottage perched on top, once upon a time belonging to the royal duck keeper.

Picnic with Pelicans | St James’s Park London

Here at DUKES, we’re delighted to offer picnic packages which you and your family can take to any of the Royal Parks during your stay with us.

However, we’d especially recommend picnicking in St James’s Park, where you can dine alongside the six resident pelicans! Isla, Tiffany, Gargi, Sun, Moon and Star can all be found by the lake, often enjoying a bask in the sun on their favourite rocks.

If you’d like to see the pelicans eat their lunch after you’ve had yours, head over to Duck Island Cottage between 2:30pm and 3pm to watch them being fed.

Memorials, Monuments and Statues | St James’s Park London

If you’re interested in British history, especially royal British history, then St James’s Park London is without a doubt the place for you.

Whether you download a self-guided walk map or join one of the monthly guided tours, you’ll be in awe of the magnificent memorials, monuments and statues - of which St James’s has the highest concentration by area of any of the Royal Parks.

We’d love to host you and your family during your time in the city, so why not make your reservation with us now?

For ideas of what to do once you’ve visited St James’s London, head over to our recent blog on the best days out in London.