Why is May the perfect choice for a wedding in London?

Picking a date for your wedding is an important task, one that many happy couples will take a long time deliberating over. Different seasons bring with them different types of wedding, and each month has its own unique qualities they can bring to your special day. The typical wedding season runs from late spring to early Autumn, with June, July, August and September being the busiest months for nuptials to take place. However, here at DUKES London, we believe May could potentially be the best month to get married with all that it has to offer. Here we explore 5 reasons why May could be the right choice for your wedding in London.

Bank holidays galore

The month of May doesn’t have just one bank holiday within its 31 days, but two! Those extra long weekends are the perfect choice to extend your celebrations and keep the party going for longer. It also means many of your guests will have extra holidays and are more likely to RSVP yes to your big day. If your guests or yourselves are travelling to London from outside of the city, the extra time for travel can be a great help, making for a calmer and more relaxing day. Having your wedding at DUKES London means you have the city of London on your doorstep, with lots to see and lots to do, letting your guests make a full weekend out of it.

The perfect temperature

The month of May heralds the end of springtime and the very beginning of the summer months, with the temperatures starting to creep up by a pleasant amount. The unpredictability of April has passed, and May brings with it good weather, plenty of sunshine, and lighter nights. Compared to the hotter months of July and August which can get humid and uncomfortable for guests, May can provide the perfect temperature, particularly for brides who have a big wedding dress with plenty of layers. DUKES location, in the heart of Mayfair and close to the beautiful Royal Parks, makes it the ideal place to take outdoor photographs, creating beautiful memories of your special day.

A quieter month

Although May is a popular month, it is still quieter for weddings than June, July, and August. You may certainly already have ideas for your choices of preferred suppliers for the big day, with your cake maker, florist and caterers already narrowed down. Organising your wedding for a quieter period makes it more likely that the best suppliers will be available, and you can have your pick of these amazing companies. DUKES London partners with many Royal Warrant Holders and we can arrange exclusive appointments in the lead up to your wedding.

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First of the season

Having your wedding in May means you are likely to be one of the first couples to do so that season. For many of your guests, it will be the first wedding they will attend that year and they won’t have wedding fatigue. Excitement levels will be high, and guests will be ready to celebrate. With the expertise and dedication of our wedding planners here at DUKES London, we promise to create a truly memorable wedding experience, one which will keep your guests talking for the rest of the wedding season.

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