How to get around London quickly, easily and effectively

A moving London Tube trainWe all know London, England’s beautiful capital city, is a large place.  We also know there are always a lot of people travelling right across the city, whether they’re visiting, living or passing through.

And if you have ever visited, you’ll know that getting from one location to another can be ‘interesting’ at times – especially at rush hour or if you’re not entirely sure of the best way to get around.Now if you do happen to know the streets of London like the back of your hand, you’ll know if it is possible to walk from one location to another, or whether you’re going to need a black cab, the Underground or to jump on a bus.

But if you’re not fortunate enough to have the geographical knowledge of a taxi driver, let us offer an insight into the three main options (other than walking!) that you have available to you when looking to get around London.

Black Cab

The cost of using a black cab depends on the length of your journey; a journey is metered so the cost can depend on how long it takes you to get to your destination and will never be a pre-determined fee, unless booked in advance.

Fantastic for a variety of reasons, black cabs do arguably have the highest cost per journey, but as soon as you jump in and give the driver the address, you can sit back and relax until you reach your exact destination.


If you want to go anywhere in London, the Tube will get you there.  Unfortunately, it isn’t open 24 hours – trains generally start running at around 5.30am and stop shortly after midnight (although there are a few exceptions).

Update: since this blog post was first published, a number of ‘Night Tube’ services have started.

And although understanding London’s Underground system may seem a daunting task, it’s actually really straightforward – take a look at the map here, familiarise yourself with the stations and then look at your London map to find out where you need to be.

For example, if you want to get close to Buckingham Palace via the Tube, you should get off at Green Park station, which can be accessed on the Piccadilly, Victoria or Jubilee lines.

On the way you can take a refreshment break in our DUKES Bar, or enjoy our Afternoon Tea, as we are only a short walk from Green Park.  It’s so close in fact that in the summer we even provide our residents with a superb picnic lunch in the park!


Running 24 hours a day, with night bus services covering the period between the general close of the Underground and the start of daytime bus services, although you do risk becoming stuck in traffic at peak hours, buses offer a cost-effective way of travelling around London.

And everyone wants to say they’ve travelled on a red London bus, right?

Whilst using a black cab, the Tube or the bus may be quicker, most would argue that if you can walk from one location to another in London, you really should try to do so.

You can sometimes beat the traffic and there isn’t a better way to soak in the atmosphere and sights of this beautiful city.

Interested in finding out more about getting around London? Come chat to us and our wonderful concierge!