The Royal Family

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of the United Kingdom on February 6, 1952 at the age of 25. To date, she has reigned for over 67 years, being the only British Monarch to ever celebrate a Blue Sapphire Jubilee. She is currently the longest-reigning British monarch and longest-reigning Queen regnant and female head of state in world history. 

As well as Head of State for the UK, she also rules over 7 other Commonwealth realms as Head of the Commonwealth. The aim of the Commonwealth includes the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, egalitarianism, free trade, multilateralism, and world peace. There are 2.3 billion people in the member states which accounts for almost a third of the current world population.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign has seen enormous social change and development over the past six decades, the first Television was introduced, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and the Berlin wall was both raised and then brought to the ground. Her longevity has witnessed 14 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, and 14 US Presidents during her reign.


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