The secret sights of London

The London Skyline - with the London Eye - as the sun is risingWhilst many visitors to London can appreciate the more notable attractions, here we want to highlight some of the lesser known sights that can be found in our wonderful city.

A lot of people, especially Londoners themselves, appreciate these because they don’t always want to be a part of the hustle and bustle – sometimes it’s great to have a bit of peace and quiet whilst visiting sights people don’t generally know about.

Yes, it’s fantastic to be able to get to see the likes of Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, but they get literally millions of visitors each year.  So, read on to learn about lesser-known London and some of its unique attractions, concealed amid the urban bustle.

Chelsea Physic Garden

This tranquil green space is utterly charming.

A walled space by the River Thames, this garden was established in 1673 and is London’s oldest botanic garden, containing around 5,000 edible, useful, medicinal and historic plants.

St. Dunstan in the East

This church, situated in the city of London, was bombed during the Blitz; rather than being restored, it was decided to turn the ruins into a public garden.

Today, the picturesque space is open to the public on a daily occurrence and is ideal for an impromptu picnic, as well as having numerous fantastic photographic opportunities.

Lower Marsh

Step back a few streets from the South Bank and you will find yourself on Lower Marsh, a vibrant and historic area full of great shops, theatres and eateries.

On a Saturday they have a food market that is generally less crowded, but just as good, as nearby Borough market.

Wilton’s Music Hall

A crumbling treasure, Wilton’s is the world’s oldest and last surviving grand music hall, and now runs an eclectic range of events, including opera, theatre and concerts, as well as guided tours.

An incredible history comes as part of the package – it was a shelter during the Blitz, a rag warehouse in the fifties, and then saved from demolition in the sixties.

It’s currently falling apart, so hurry up and get there before it is no more.

We’re not saying these lesser-known sights and locations should be replacements for London’s bigger attractions, but we do think they show there is more to London than you may have thought!

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