The Phantom of the Opera hits London (again!)

The title card for The Phantom Of The OperaNext month, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world-renowned production of The Phantom of the Opera will be performed in the West End for a record-breaking twenty-sixth year.

Performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre, the iconic Haymarket venue which originally opened in 1705 before a redesign to its current guise in 1897, the Phantom has had outstanding success around the globe, being played to more than 100 million viewers in 25 different countries, in addition to its spiritual home in the West End of London.

The Gaston Leroux novel, penned in 1909, has become one of the best known theatre shows in the world since its adaptation to the stage and debut production in 1986.

For those who do not know the plot, the setting is 19th Century France, where the masked and mysterious figure of the Phantom falls deeply in love with Christine Daaé, a beautiful Soprano singer at the Paris Opera House. Upon helping her rise to become the star of the show through his tutoring, events take a turn for the worse as Christine unmasks him and is horrified by what she sees. After his protégé falls in love with Raoul, her childhood friend and the Vicomte de Chagny, jealousy consumes the Phantom. He kidnaps her in order to make her his eternal bride, leading to a sinister and dramatic conclusion.

A truly unmissable production in a historic and beautiful theatre, it has been described by the Daily Mail as “Still the most exciting musical in London” a sign of its timeless appeal.

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