How to make the most of your James Bond experience

Daniel Craig as James BondOver the past five decades, James Bond has become the ultimate legend. Whether it’s through the books, the games or the films, one cannot ignore – nor frankly be anything other than envious of – the wealth, power and charisma that Bond has at his disposal.

With the upcoming, highly anticipated release of Skyfall, there isn’t a better time to visit DUKES London, where you can take full advantage of a luxury service fit for Bond himself.

Here are a couple of tips for things you can do during your stay at DUKES to make the most of your experience:

Drink Martinis in DUKES Bar

Drinking martinis in DUKES Bar is so significant to Bond culture as this is the exact bar which used to accommodate the late James Bond author Ian Fleming. In fact, the bar is said to have inspired the classic line “shaken, not stirred”.

Find yourself the perfect Bond suit

The interior is not the only thing that makes DUKES Hotel so great – the exterior is great, too! The hotel is located right by Jermyn Street and Bond Street – the perfect place to pick up a suit to make sure you really look the part for your Bond experience.

Track Bond’s latest location

DUKES Hotel isn’t far from Buckingham Palace, where Daniel Craig was most recently seen as 007, surrounded by corgis, as he walked in to pick up the Queen who greeted him with the words “Good evening, Mr Bond”. The pair then boarded a helicopter as Bond escorted Her Majesty to the London Olympic Stadium, just in time to make a dramatic entrance by parachute to the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Soar the Thames on a License to Thrill!

The License to Thrill boat ride is a high speed boat ride which has been voted as a ‘must do’ experience for all Bond fans! Experience the adrenaline Bond does during his moments of victory as you speed through London, under the capital’s famous bridges, and see London from some very exclusive vantage points. You’ll need to hold on tight during this exhilarating trip to Canary Wharf and back.

Celebrate Bond’s 50th Anniversary in London

There are a number of productions being shown in London to celebrate Bond’s 50th Anniversary. If you’re into music, the production at the Royal Festival Hall is just for you!

The event, which has been timed to correspond with the new Bond film, stars Strictly Come Dancing vocalist Lance Ellington and Mary Carewe, as they come together to bring you 22 of Bond’s most iconic musical numbers, including Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever

Visit the Bond Exhibition – Designing 007

The London-based multi-arts and conference venue Barbican has recently launched a ‘Designing 007′ exhibition to showcase the creating and development of Bond. It explores a number of features including the craft behind the screen icons, the villains, costumes, gadgets and special effects – just to name a few! This is one attraction you do not want to miss – click here for details.

Branding James Bond

Over the years, James Bond has become so much more than a character – he’s become an institution. If the branding of James Bond is something that takes your interest, head down to Notting Hill, London on 24th October where a lecture named ‘Branding James Bond’ will take you through the branding structure of Bond. You will also get a glass of wine or a soft drink and entry to the museum’s collection of 12,000 branded products.

Then… breathe!

After a hard day of saving the world, head back to DUKES Hotel, where you will be treated to a menu of irresistible food which Bond himself couldn’t resist. Then wash it down with a martini in DUKES Bar, before getting some well-deserved rest in the beautiful Junior Suite.

Image courtesy of Alan Wu