5 Royal sights to visit when in London

Buckingham Palace on a bright summer's dayAs many of you will know, London is filled with many fantastic attractions and sights – from the London Eye to Big Ben – but the Queen and the Royal family are a particularly big attraction for many people.

So, we wanted to share some information and ideas about the Royal attractions in the capital. And there are a wide variety for you to choose from!

If you were Queen (or King) for the day, where would you spend your time?

From regal robes and crown jewels to sumptuous state apartments, here is where to go in London for an insight into British royalty through the ages.

1. Buckingham Palace

Where else would we start with this list other than Buckingham Palace?

The Queen’s official place of residence has a staggering 775 rooms and is one of the few working royal palaces remaining anywhere in the world.

The State rooms are open to visitors during the summer months of the year, whilst you can visit the Palace easily from DUKES; it’s only a five minute stroll through Green Park from the hotel.

2.  Hampton Court Palace

This palace most famously was the home of King Henry VIII, and is said to be haunted with the ghosts of three of his wives (Jane Seymour, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard).

Unlike many other palaces – such as Buckingham Palace – you have the freedom to roam anywhere in this building, including the Tudor kitchens, haunted gallery and the 1350-square metre maze in the garden.

 3.  St James’s Park

Sitting beside Buckingham Palace, and once being King Henry VIII’s hunting ground, it has also been a zoo, a reservoir and even a bowling alley.

Also, you will find our favoured hotel and bar not far away – DUKES is a mere 500 yards from St James’s Park, meaning it won’t take you long to get to us and take advantage of the food and drink we have to offer – whether that’s afternoon tea or one of our famous Martini’s.

4.  Tower of London

Built in 1066 by William the Conqueror, the Tower is guarded by the iconic Beefeaters, who are there to take care of the ravens that inhabit the building.

The legend says that if the birds ever leave the Tower, it will crumble; we’re not sure how true this will turn out to be though!

Once an infamous prison and the site of many high-profile executions, you can have a tour and be amazed at the 23,578 gems that make up the Crown Jewels.

5.  Household Cavalry Museum

In the heart of London, this offers a truly enriching experience celebrating the history, heroes and exploits of the British Army’s senior regiment from its origins in 1661.

Fascinating rare exhibits, dazzling displays of uniforms, the chance to see (through a glass partition) troopers in the stables preparing their horses, the ability to try on real helmets and armour, audio visual presentations, interactive displays, all combined with the opportunity to view outside either the daily Guard Change on Horse Guards, the Guard Inspection or mounted sentry changes on the hour.

If these sound like your perfect activities and attractions then visit London any time of the year, making sure to stay here at DUKES Hotel – we really are the perfect hideaway in the heart of Mayfair and the closest luxury hotel to many of these Royal attractions.