100 days until Christmas: is London really the best place to experience it?

As of today it is The Christmas lights on Oxford Street, Londonexactly 100 days until Christmas 2018.

2400 hours. 144,000 minutes. Or alternatively, just 14 weekends before the man in the red suit comes down the chimney to leave all the boys and girls gifts.

Obviously a universal occasion that’s celebrated right around the world, there are some brilliant locations to enjoy Christmas in, but many would argue that London is one of the best – if not the best.

So why is this the case? What makes London such a fantastic place to experience Christmas in?

The dedicated Christmas floors are something else

By the time October comes around, most of the department stores in London will have their Christmas floors open – and they really are fantastic, transporting you to a truly magical place.

Take the top floor at Liberty as an example. Generally open quite early – mid-September some years – it could be 30 degrees and bright sunshine outside, but as soon as you get up to their Christmas floor, you’ll be whisked away to those magical winter days before Christmas.

Baubles and decorations. Cards and gift wrap. Ideas for presents. Options for the whole family. As you work your way through the carefully put together displays, you can quite easily get lost in the vast Christmas floor as you fully embrace the seasonal love.

You’ll find Christmas performers everywhere you turn

There are few better ways to begin feeling festive than walking through the streets of London with Christmas carols jingling away in your ears.

Not something restricted to a few streets throughout the city, particularly once December comes around, it’ll seem as though you’re never more than a few steps from a Christmas performer wanting to share their Christmas spirit around.

It might only be a small point to some, but for us, hearing a Christmas carol can fill you with festive cheer immediately!

The busy atmosphere is almost film-like

When you’re walking down Oxford Street on the run up to Christmas, most people are there for the same reason – to buy presents for their loved ones.

It’ll be busy and it’ll be hectic. There’ll be queues and there’ll be unforeseen problems with card machines or tills.

But everyone will be in the same boat. Everyone wants to get into that festive spirit and enjoy the Christmas period.

Like something from a film, a shopping trip in London on the run up to Christmas is a tradition for many and allows you to revel in the magical atmosphere bestowed upon our wonderful city at the festive time of year.

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is out of this world

Open from 22nd November this year, the winter wonderland event in Hyde Park is one of the biggest in the country – since launching in 2007, over 14 million visitors have enjoyed everything the event has to offer.

Very much a ‘Christmas village’ of sorts, there’s something for everyone.

Bars. Restaurants. Shops. Stands. Rides (including a giant ferris wheel). Ice skating. A circus. A snow show. In fact, there’s so much going on that it’s almost impossible to experience it all in one visit – but with it such a fantastic part of London at Christmas, many consider it a ‘must see’, which is enough of a perfect reason to come back over two or three days for most!

Experiencing Christmas in London

Everyone has different ideas of how they like to experience Christmas, but for us, being in London ticks all of the boxes.

Having access to everything you need to get into the Christmas mood, being in London on the run up to Christmas is like going to see your favourite comedian or band – you can try and fight it the positive atmosphere, but you’re going come away feeling completely and utterly satisfied; feeling as though you’re ready to head home and spread the Christmas cheer around your friends and family until the big day arrives.

And with a number of Christmas offers, we’re certain that a stay with us at DUKES on the run up to Christmas will do nothing but add an extra touch of festivity to your Christmas experience in London.

Image courtesy of Kyle Taylor (Wikipedia)