10 days to Christmas: where to get those last minute Christmas presents in London

A small, colourful section of Portobello Road MarketIt might be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to have all of your Christmas presents bought, wrapped and underneath the tree!

We know plenty of people like to be this organised so they can enjoy the festivities in other ways, and we know others who revel in the Christmas atmosphere, preferring to leave their shopping until a few days before Christmas to truly soak up the festive feeling.

Whichever camp you fall into, London’s the perfect destination.

So with 10 days left, if you’re staying with us at DUKES for a spot of last minute (or first time!) Christmas shopping, where should you head for that something special?

Dover Street Market

If the person you’re buying for loves contemporary fashion, they’re the epitome of ‘indie’ and they genuinely love to turn heads, a trip to Dover Street Market has to be a must.

A multi-brand retailer, this label simply doesn’t do Dover Street Market justice. They have completely reimagined the retail experience and match local designers with global names. They want to offer something different, and that’s exactly what they do.

Giving you the ability to buy items from the likes of Comme des Garçons, Vetements and Thom Browne, as well as a growing number of superbly talented emerging names, Dover Street Market is a fantastic location.

Taking its name from its original Dover Street location in Mayfair, the store moved to Picadilly in 2016, but has retained its huge following as one of the most creative retail outlets in the capital.


We spoke recently about the history behind Liberty and London’s two other biggest department stores – Harrods and Selfridges – and we genuinely love all three of them. Each offering something unique, we’re mentioning Liberty in particular here as the entire store oozes uniqueness.

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Whoever it is you need to buy for and regardless of their tastes, it’s hard to imagine you could walk out of Liberty without something that will put a smile on their face.

The entire store was built on the reputation of quality imported goods and this is clearly still a focus you can see today. From Europe to Asia, you can be sure to leave Liberty with a special something to go under the Christmas tree.

The Conran Shop

Located on Marylebone high street, The Conran Shop is one of those shops everyone needs when they simply don’t know what to buy.

Truly having something for everyone, it doesn’t matter about any variable. Whether it’s for a low budget stocking filler or an all out showstopper, you can find it with ease here.

Milk chocolate sardines. A lobster pin. Dominoes. A wine glass tree. A gift box for a budding sommelier. Signet rings with onyx, green marble or rhodonite.

Just a very small selection of what’s on offer, you can see from these items alone just how varied the selection is!

Portobello Road Market

One of London’s most famous street markets, Portobello Road Market is a haven for antique lovers. Running to some degree throughout the week, it comes alive on a Saturday when the market can welcome over 1,000 stall holders.

Whilst it is primarily known as an antiques market, the reason we’re happy to point most people in its direction is if you take a walk down Portobello Road, we’d be extremely surprised if you didn’t see something that made your head turn; something that really stood out to you.

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Whether it’s a piece of medieval armour or a mini skirt from the 1960s, you’ll be able to find it in Portobello Road Market, making it one of the best shopping destinations on the run up to Christmas when you need something to stand out but simply don’t know what it is!

Last minute Christmas shopping in London

And so, if you’re yet to start your Christmas shopping or you’re already wrapped but have realised you need an extra gift or two, you can rest assured that even if you’re reading this on Christmas Eve morning, London provides you with an abundance of choices to put a smile on everyone’s face this Christmas.

From antique furniture to unique clothing, the options mentioned here offer just a very small insight into what’s available. Remember, London has it all – enjoy!

Image courtesy of Justgravy